Hidden diagnosis.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2004 when Felicia Forrester returned to town with a secret…

Carter may currently find he has a reason to stay in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t always the case for Felicia Forrester, who has come and gone numerous times throughout the years. Upon one of her returns, Nick Marone found pills in Felicia’s purse, had them analyzed and revealed that she had cancer. Felicia admitted the truth to Nick and ended up sleeping with him when word came she was in remission. Though she tried to settle into town, Felicia couldn’t handle the family stress and left for Paris.

Everyone was stunned when Felicia returned a year later with a baby boy. Nick had moved on with Bridget, leaving no room for a reconcilation with Felicia. She planned to leave town again, but Stephanie alerted Nick to the fact that Felicia had a baby. When the cancer returned, Felicia begged Bridget to raise the baby with Nick as her own. In the end, Felicia won her battle with cancer and her son turned out to be Dante Damiano’s – not Nick’s.

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