A woman with a past.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1993 when Eric Forrester married and later divorced Sheila Carter…

Eric is currently trying to move forward with his life after Stephanie. However, there was a time years ago when he had to face hard facts that he married a lunatic. Eric had just come off of a marriage to Brooke when he began to date Nurse Sheila. When Sheila heard Brooke was pregnant she switched the paternity test results to make it appear as though Ridge had been the father of Bridget.

Shelia had Eric all to herself and married him in front of the family, who dressed in black, and Lauren Fenmore, who kept Sheila’s Genoa City past to herself. Shelia later partnered with Brooke, who obtained control over Forrester, which led to Eric being stressed and having a heart attack. Eric began to think there was more to Sheila and did something in secret. Lauren came forward and revealed Sheila’s past, who was committed and served with divorce papers after holding the Forresters at gunpoint and threatening to kill herself.

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