Credit: Steffy says goodbye. (

Hot on the heels of Steffy’s devastating reaction to Phoebe’s death on The Bold and the Beautiful, I had the chance to talk with her portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, about what it was like to channel such grief.

The aftermath of Phoebe’s death made the majority of the audience reach for a hankie, or two, or three, and that is due in large part to Jacqueline’s performance. To help prepare her for the scenes, the actress did a little research on the connection between twins. “I definitely talked to people who are twins and heard of stories of a twin being sick and the other one feels it. I can never really imagine what it would be like, but I tried my best,” she explained.

Since she had to portray Steffy’s devastation for several episodes, I wondered how she called up such emotion in order for her to continually cry on cue. According to Jacqueline, she just tried to put herself in the moment.

“I was in the morgue [on set] and you just look around and it was just a really eerie feeling to put yourself in that situation and you see Mackenzie (Phoebe) who’s tiny and pale and it’s freaky! And you see her with all the makeup done and it looks so realistic,” Jacqueline recalled. “It is hard, but you just try to understand the script and put yourself in the position and hopefully the emotions come out.”

She also drew on her feelings about her own family members and what it would be like if she lost them. “I have a half older sister from my dad’s side so I used her…and my mom’s my best friend and we have such a close bond. Honestly she’s like my sister as well because we’re so close, so I put myself in that position too, like what if I lost her? It’s just that gut wrenching feeling.”