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B&B Breakdown Week of December 12.

The Bold and the Beautiful wasn’t as emotional (not even the funeral) as last week, so there’s not as much to get passionate about, but there were still a few things that caught my attention.

The Next Supercouple?
I’m glad Owen told Eric about Thorne’s scheme, but it makes me wonder where Owen is coming from and where he will go from here. I really don’t understand his motivations. I guess it’s refreshing that he’s being honest and looking out for Donna’s best interests, but I just can’t shake how he came on to the show, which was kind of devious and shady. I guess I need to let that go, but I keep expecting him to be a bad guy and kind of wish he were because he’d be more interesting.

As for Thorne, was anyone else happy to see him actually get a chance to act this week? All we’ve seen lately is him being his dad’s lapdog and his mom’s cheerleader. But this week we got to see him get tough with Grace and glib with Owen. Now that the truth is out, I hope it catapults Thorne into his own storyline where he kind of walks the line between good and evil while he tries to get back into his father’s good graces. Will he continue to manipulate things? Will he beg for forgiveness from Eric? Or will this simply be dropped and he’ll disappear for months again? I truly hope it’s not the latter.

Since they’ve both been burned by Donna, maybe Owen and Thorne can become new BFFs! Wouldn’t it be nice to see them go out for beers and bond over Donna and their failed love lives? People need to have more friends on this show and this might be a good place to start.