Sweet talking the evidence out of him.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2010 when Oliver had something Steffy wanted…

Steffy and Hope may be fighting over the same man now, but it isn’t the first time. Oliver Jones arrived on the scene as a DJ at the Insomnia Café. It was there where he met rivals Steffy and Hope and ultimately fell in love with Hope, who he still has feelings for to this day. Steffy did her best to try to seduce Oliver away from Hope but things never went any further than a kiss.

Oliver had something else that Steffy wanted to get her hands on. He’d accidentally taped ‘a scene’ that Steffy wanted to use to get back at the Logan family. Though Steffy tried to sweet talk the video out of Oliver’s hands, he talked her out of it and in turn tried to make Steffy realize she was better than the games she’d been playing.

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