An office in disarray.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2007 when Eric Forrester put his foot down against Ridge’s business proposal…

Valentine’s Day was anything but hearts and roses at the Forrester Creations’ offices a few years back. Ridge and Eric disagreed over where to carry their new Forrester Originals line. Ridge suggested that they sell the line in department stores everywhere, including some of the major conglomerates. Eric adamantly refused and vowed to burn their entire line rather than ruin their reputation and risk having their name stamped on dish cloths.

The men went back and forth, with Stephanie and Brooke interjecting their thoughts, until Eric came up with another option, one that could very well cost them everything they owned. He explained to Ridge that he would take this risk because it would in turn restore their pride and good name. Ridge didn’t agree with Eric’s idea and warned it could impact the family for generations to come.

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