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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of January 28 – February 1:

Though there were some new elements introduced to the show this week, it still largely consisted of viewers being dragged unwillingly through the land of the dreaded triangle. Thoughts on the week:

Hope gave her mother a good going-over on the subject of Bill, and seemed satisfied by Brooke’s explanation that the attraction occurred because Katie pushed them together, and that she would never actually go there. We’ll see.

The big bad Logans.
While I can understand Taylor being irked by the very existence of the Logans at times, it endlessly surprises me that a therapist can’t see the past situation with Ridge clearly. Brooke wouldn’t have been able to come between Taylor and Ridge if they were solid. Period.

Your kiss is on my list.
Eric’s decision to make Thomas vice-president seemed a little strange – why didn’t he do that in the first place? As for Taylor’s reaction – the kiss – it seemed spontaneous rather than a calculated move. What do you think of the idea of Taylor and Eric getting together? Weigh in by voting in’s B&B Taylor and Eric poll.

Sounding bored.
Clearly Justin is so tired of existing solely to listen to Bill’s problems that he decided it might be fun to inject a little more drama into the situation. After Bill went on about Katie and Brooke, Justin upped the ante by asking, “Have you ever wondered if you married the wrong Logan sister?” Naughty Justin, we love you.