An affair, an engagement and a close call.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2007/2008 when Ashley Abbott arrived in Los Angeles…

Eileen Davidson, who played “The Young And The Restless'” Ashley Abbott for many years, and is now causing drama over on “Days of our Lives” through her character Kristen, moved to Los Angeles to take a job with Forrester. While concentrating on creating a new fragrance to coincide with the Forrester boutique, Ashley and Rick Forrester (then played by Kyle Lowder) decided to keep the affair they had in Paris a secret.

Ashley and Ridge Forrester grew close and even ended up engaged. However, his ongoing love for Brooke Logan put a damper on those plans, and the two ended things. Ridge wasn’t above interfering in Ashley’s life though and filled her in on Storm Logan’s past once she started dating him. Storm’s strange behavior scared Ashley, who quickly got out of that relationship prior to Storm accidentally shooting his sister Katie.

Do you remember why Ashley and Rick decided to keep their past affair a secret upon her arrival in Los Angeles? Please vote.