Pam terrorizes Donna.

In “The Bold And The Beautiful” history, 2008, Pam Douglas set her sights on Donna Logan in an attempt to keep her away from Eric Forrester…

This week viewers are going to watch as Donna and Pam begin competing outside of the workplace. These two have a history of going to the extreme, especially Pam, who terrorized Donna plenty a few years back all in the name of trying to keep her away from Eric.

Stephanie had to face facts that her marriage to Eric was falling apart, and the man she loved more than life itself was falling into the arms of another woman, Donna. Pam felt that Stephanie and Eric belonged together and did everything in her power to embarrass, harass and scare the life out of Donna. Trapping Donna in a tanning bed and turning her hair and teeth green was nothing compared to the threats on her life by using her Doberman ‘Tiny’ as a scare tactic.

Donna feared for her life, but Eric and Stephanie believed Pam was harmless. Pam was anything but, particularly after Donna killed her beloved dog by feeding him one of Pam’s lemon bars. Donna only meant to distract the dog’s attention away from her, and though Pam later found out Tiny had died of a heart condition, she still despised the other woman.

Others were harmed as well during this ongoing craziness. Eric ended up in a coma after eating one of the famous lemon bars – one Pam had laced with an ingredient to make it almost impossible for Eric to satisfy Donna in the bedroom. Pam also put Owen Knight in danger when he had to save a honey-covered Donna from a bear, and Marcus who opened a crate containing a snake that was meant to bite Donna but bit him instead.

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– Amy Mistretta