Credit: Preggers. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of January 7 – 11:

It was mostly the triangle again. Sad to see the likes of Marcus and others relegated to having ‘reminder’ conversations about stuff relating to Hope and Liam. I look forward to seeing great storylines surrounding other characters soon. It was great to be back at Forrester for the competition by week’s end.

The word ‘sabotage’ became the headache-inducing repetitive word of the week, or the drinking game if that’s your thing. As mentioned above, it was frustrating to finally see Marcus, Dayzee, and Justin and realize they were on screen merely as props to the dreaded triangle drama. Hopefully they get a storyline soon – and not a short, weird story like the hit-and-run.

I thought Bill handled the intervention pretty neatly. He may have tried to sabotage the wedding in Italy, but it didn’t work – they got married anyway. It was Hope who wouldn’t sign the paperwork back in the States who put the kibosh on that try at matrimony. As for Hope screaming at Bill with her new aggressive attitude – it was as painful to watch as it is when she tries to be sexy – so not her. It was interesting that Brooke sort of had Bill’s back, while Katie was being more confrontational toward him. What was also surprising is that Hope didn’t seem to sustain her anger toward Brooke and the others who knew about Bill’s deception and didn’t tell her.