Who knew The Bold and the Beautiful could be educational? Apparently, the University of Mumbai believes it is, as they have included the soap as part of their popular culture studies, which will be included in their new Master program in English.

TV and films have long been a staple in this type of class in Indian universities, but adding a soap opera is a little more rare. According to Professor Coomi Vevaina of the English department, Mumbai University, “TV serials are important cultural texts that we are exposed to daily. Hence, we have included them in our curriculum. We have chosen serials that have popular mass appeal. Our students will critically review them with respect to popular culture theories.”

In addition to B&B, the class will study “Friends”, “Seinfeld” and Indian language TV sitcoms, as well as Indian and Western reality shows and talk shows.

Soaps.com would have loved to have studied The Bold and the Beautiful in school and wonders what insights the class will have on all the dysfunctional relationships.