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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of December 31 – January 4:

Wow. All characters and stories orbited around the super stale Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle again this week. Give us some of Bill’s bumped up coffee! Scary thought: Will “B&B” expect viewers to watch Hope/Liam/Steffy for the next 20 or so years like Taylor/Ridge/Brooke? At least Taylor and Brooke had other loves and husbands! Some comments on the week’s events:

I don’t know if Caroline pushing Rick to tell the truth should constitute a betrayal of the Spencer family, but I do know that Bill isn’t responsible for Caroline falling over the balcony. I also know it’s utterly ridiculous that she even survived such a fall, let alone with only a minor concussion. It was also totally crazy and headache-inducing that Hope showed up at the hospital and started harping at Caroline about her and Liam two minutes after Caroline regained consciousness.