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B&B Breakdown for the Week of December 1.

This week was so good! Even though I knew what was going to happen, I thought the events leading up to the big car crash were great and really got the audience emotionally invested. So let’s get to it and break it down…

Old Friends and Good Conversation
The episodes this week were fantastic. They were quick and simple and just had characters really talking to each other, coming to agreements and mending fences. There wasn’t a lot of yelling (except for Phoebe) and they were what we should see more of on soaps: compelling dialogue that reflects character history and development.

We had both Ridge and Brooke separately appealing to Rick, Brooke and Stephanie coming to terms with each other, Ridge and Taylor coming to terms with their past and Taylor grieving the loss of her great love. Speaking of Taylor, I really felt bad for her when she and Ridge talked about his upcoming wedding. Haven’t we all felt the pain of knowing the person you love has truly moved on with someone else? I thought Hunter Tylo did an excellent job, especially when she had to put on a brave face for her daughters. Kudos!

It was a nice change of pace to see the characters acting like adults this week (even Rick, sort of) and have mature conversations with the people they have issues with in their lives (maybe except for Phoebe). It was refreshing to see most of them take the high road and have intelligent, meaningful discussions instead of just yelling, accusing and blaming each other for all the wrongs in their lives.

The Party
I love Brooke and Ridge together, but they are so inappropriate. She actually told a room full of people she would spend the rest of her life pleasing Ridge. Eww! As much as I like them as a couple, it’s really hard to take Brooke’s declaration that all she’s ever wanted was to be Ridge’s wife. I wonder how her three ex-husbands in the room felt about that.

It wasn’t really much of a red carpet party. I would have thought they would have held it at some fancy hotel in Beverly Hills or restaurant or something, but it was just at Eric’s house where they hold every other function. Just who was there that was so special it warranted a red carpet?

Then we had the dancing scenes. They were a bit silly, weren’t they? Everyone looked uncomfortable doing them. I wonder what kind of music they play, or if they even play music while filming those scenes. The dancing rarely matches up with the music we hear.

I do have to say the best part of the party was that they actually incorporated the other storylines into it. Even though they were brief scenes, the Bridget/Nick/Katie tension was finally seen on screen. It has been months since it all went down so it was nice to actually see them finally cross paths. Even Katie’s obsession with Jack was addressed and Donna was brought up, which was appropriate since her ex-husband had to encounter her whole family. I don’t need to see these storylines every day, but I do need the show to remember them once in awhile.