Short Lived Wedded Bliss (CBS)

A Bold Year.

2012 was a year of life changing events on the Bold and the Beautiful. Weddings, babies, and death were all paramount this year. Saying good-bye to a beloved character made this a year to remember.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.
The story that most dominated B&B throughout the year was the love triangle involving Liam, Hope and Steffy. Trips to different cities caused Liam to flip flop back and forth between his women. Liam started the year off vacationing in Mexico with his wife, Steffy. Hope was also there with Thomas, and both Hope and Liam pined for one another. He decided Hope was the gal for him, but Steffy refused to give him an annulment. Hope and Liam hooked up anyway, and she lost her virginity to Liam. Feelings of guilt plagued her for sleeping with Liam while he was still married to Steffy. The trio then found themselves in Aspen. By this point, Hope was addicted to anti-anxiety medication. Meddling from Bill didn’t help Hope, and she lost control of her life and herself on the ski slopes and crashed right into Steffy. Liam rescued an injured Steffy on the slopes, prompting the two to share a kiss and for Liam to destroy the annulment papers. Despite this romantic interlude, Liam moved on with his plans to marry Hope. They planned an elaborate wedding in Italy, which Steffy was invited to be a part of as Hope’s bridesmaid. In typical triangle fashion, Liam and Steffy made out when Liam thought that Hope left him at the altar. She didn’t, and he married her, but once they crossed the threshold back in Los Angeles, their marriage was on shaky ground. Hope left Liam and told Steffy she could have him, which led to an eventual Steffy and Liam reunion. Steffy and Liam moved in together, but Hope recently decided she’s miserable without Liam and wants to win him back. At this point, the story has been dragged out so long, it’s tough to care who ends up together. Here’s hoping for a resolution to this nonsense in the new year.

I do!
Weddings are normally a happy occasion, but they had disastrous outcomes for the brides of “B&B.” As mentioned, Liam and Hope had a romantic wedding in Italy, complete with a parade through a villa. The marriage didn’t last. Longtime lovers Brooke and Ridge pledged their undying love for one another in an intimate ceremony in front of family and friends at the Forester mansion. In a truly bizarre twist, the marriage didn’t last past the honeymoon, as Brooke returned to Los Angeles alone. She revealed Ridge left her for texting Deacon about Hope. After all Ridge has forgiven Brooke for, texting was the breaking point? As sweethearts Dayzee and Marcus prepared to wed at the Forester mansion, Marcus’s texting addiction caught up to him and he hit Anthony, one of Dayzee’s close friends, with his car en route the the wedding. Marcus was briefly jailed before it was revealed that he wasn’t the one who hit Anthony after all. While Marcus and Dayzee’s newlywed bliss started off shaky, this was the one marriage that stuck.