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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of November 26 – 30:

Despite a few nit-picky items, it was another solid week on “B&B.” Here are some thoughts on the happenings:

Sing me to sleep, baby girl.
Whether you love, or love to hate, Brooke, she came through for Stephanie in the end. She was soft-spoken, nurturing, and just strong enough to lean on. I was tearful as Brooke tried to keep singing through the moment she realized Stephanie was gone.

Forrester foul-up.
It was totally bizarre-o for Thomas to have called an important business meeting while his grandmother was dying, but Eric lingering around the place afterward to watch video footage instead of rushing back to Stephanie’s side took the cake.

Big Bear theory.
There were some very touching scenes at the cabin following Stephanie’s death – Brooke dazed with grief, Eric comforting Pam, Eric and the martini – but I kept wondering when we were really going to see Eric break down. As for Bill and Brooke kissing, as much as I’d been feeling their chemistry, that wasn’t the time I wanted to see them finally give in.