Move in? (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of November 12 – 16:

Willful Irish lass.
Stephanie’s party was pretty incredible thanks to Eric and his Irish theme, which perfectly set the tone, allowing for tears (‘Danny Boy’ really got me), and fun, with everyone dancing the Irish jig. Stephanie passed the ‘matriarch’ torch to Brooke – seems logical as Brooke behaved just like her toward Amber. When Stephanie said her goodbyes as she left the party, I was sobbing – this really wrung the emotion out of viewers. Some of the thoughts that crossed my mind during the party: Stephanie ended up being closer with Brooke and Taylor than her own daughters, I missed others Stephanie interacted with being there – such as Amber, Nick, and Jackie, and there was no acceptable explanation for Ridge not being there. None.

Big Bear.
I love the idea of Stephanie finding her peace at the cabin in Big Bear in her final days. The scenes with her and Eric are bittersweet.

An animal ready to pounce.
Okay, so maybe Taylor became a tad dramatic in her zeal to stop a Brooke/Bill hook-up, and she’s definitely biased, but she made an astute observation while arguing with Brooke – Brooke has good intentions, but once the word ‘destiny’ is uttered, people had just better accept that it’s going to happen. Omigosh, so funny. I love watching this pair go at it.

Okay, Katie’s just starting to become creepy what with sitting in the dark lying in wait for Taylor at her house, and lurking around for takeout in disguise. Not to mention the incessantly crying baby and heartbeat noises that follow her around. I don’t think Taylor’s really much help at this point either – the increasing intensity of her dire warnings about Brooke may land Katie back in the cardiac wing at the hospital!