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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of November 5 – 9:

It was a pretty solid week on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” with a mix of emotion, romance, and even a few laughs. Here are some points on what happened:

Can’t a guy take a nap?
The week kicked off with some comic relief as Bill proved to be sleeping deeply as opposed to having taken an overdose, and had a glass of water thrown over him for a rude awakening. Once he recovered, it was off for the air balloon ride, which did seem like an odd thing to do while obsessing over the missing Katie, but oh well…

The babysitters club.
Liam and Steffy spent much of their time in Aspen sitting with Will. This gave them plenty of opportunity to joke around, make out, and talk about having babies of their own someday. They are really being painted as a perfectly-matched couple right now – which, unfortunately, makes me wonder what is going to go wrong and when. Here’s hoping nothing will rock the boat anytime soon – it’s been so nice watching the show without the dreaded triangle!

Have I offended you?
I got a kick out of Hope getting up in Caroline’s face about Thomas and Rick like the relationship police. She even sent the photo of Caroline and Thomas to Rick later! As for her warning to Caroline that kissing up to the CEO isn’t the way to get ahead there – really? I don’t think it would be the first time that’s happened at Forrester…