Updated January 16, 2009 – It seems this little experiment didn’t exactly work, as B&B will go back to its regular time slot at 4:30 PM and “The Simpsons” will return to the 6:00 PM slot. The soap was the most popular show airing on Ten in Australia at the earlier time and fans were none too happy about the move.

Viewers can expect to see B&B back on at 4:30 PM starting Monday, January 19.

Originally posted November 20, 2008 – If you live in Australia, you’ll be getting your daily dose of The Bold and the Beautiful a bit later in the day. Soaps.com has learned that Channel 10 (which operates across five mainland capital cities) has announced that it will begin airing the internationally popular soap opera at 6:00 PM instead of in the afternoon.

As the Australian channel has had difficulty keeping their audience in this evening time slot with repeats of “The Simpson’s”, they decided to replace the animated comedy with the most popular daytime series in the world. As B&B has always drawn respected numbers for the channel, their hopes are high that it will do well against their competitors, which will be airing the news and a documentary about the British Monarchy.

Australian fans of B&B can expect it to begin airing at 6:00 PM in December.