Updated January 5 – To help hype Robin McGraw’s appearance on B&B, Lesley Anne Down will appear on the “Dr. Phil” show on Tuesday January 6th.

Updated December 1 – Robin will make her appearance on January 14 and will interact with Jackie.

Originally posted November 20 –
The Bold and the Beautiful will get a visit from a famous face. Dr. Phil’s wife and frequent contributor to his talk show, Robin McGraw will stop by to mix it up with fashion’s elite.

Robin will play herself to promote her new book, “What’s Age Got to Do With it?”. Robin has previously written several other books, including, ���Inside My Heart”, “From My Heart to Yours” and “Heart of the Home for the Stay-at-Home Mom Workbook”. In her latest offering, Robin shares her secrets and learned mistakes in the areas of fitness, nutrition, skincare, menopause, hair, makeup and fashion. She also provides insider information from a panel of top experts in each of these fields.

Tune in and see how Robin fits into the canvas and who she shares her book with. Soaps.com will certainly be watching!