Credit: Stephanie and Sally. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of October 22 – 26:

It’s been an entertaining week of “B&B,” what with emotions running high and the fabulous flashbacks. It truly has been nice to get a break from the dreaded triangle as well. Let’s take a look:

Second stringer.
Rick didn’t do much to endear himself to viewers by whining to Caroline about playing second string to Thomas. It was interesting that while he had her sympathies, he took a big gamble and admitted how he’d manipulated Hope. Even more interesting was that she hardly batted an eyelash – she went off on Thomas for far less.

A dark place.
Well, Katie has certainly spiraled down into a desperate place indeed. It’s amazing that she didn’t have any concerns about her mortality during her pregnancy, and now she’s consumed with it. Also, following Will’s birth she was leery to let Bill have any influence over their son, and now she’s planning to leave Will completely in his care! I suppose it illustrates how skewed things can become in the mind of someone suffering from post-partum depression. Katie’s little visions of Bill and Brooke romping in a field with Will were probably foreshadowing of a Bill/Brooke hook-up. Why not? Heck, they have Katie’s permission. Of course, once Katie’s back in her right mind…she may feel a little differently.