Credit: Teary time. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of October 15 – 19:

This week the storyline that may prove to be the most emotional ever on “B&B” began to play out as Stephanie started making decisions on how she would spend her final days, and began breaking the news to her loved ones. It’s going to be a tough farewell. In happier news, we only saw a glimpse of the dreaded triangle this week. Thoughts to ponder:

Baby blues.
The issue of post-partum depression is being well-addressed in Katie’s storyline, though it’s a little tedious to sit through as a viewer. Hats off to Heather Tom for tackling this emotional material while she was pregnant in real life. Awesome. The most intriguing development has been the closeness in scenes between Brooke and Bill – it seems very deliberate. Could a Brooke/Bill hook-up be in the future?

In it for the long haul.
Though we know there is no such thing as ‘the long haul’ for a couple in Daytime, it was refreshing to see Liam and Steffy simply being together this week instead of the usual angst, flashbacks, doubt, and rehashing of drama. Here’s hoping it lasts for a while, though it’s doubtful, given that Rick seems to be on the verge of outing himself. Notably, Hope now has the failure of her union with Liam down to one identifiable glitch – him making out with Steffy at the nightclub – if only that hadn’t happened, then everything would have been a go. Sigh.