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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of October 1 – 5:

It was a pretty interesting week on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” what with Donna finding out way more than she wanted to know about a couple of different things, and Ridge causing drama at the company. Some points:

That ripe, delicious one.
Through all of the innuendo and sexy stolen moments leading up to Liam and Steffy’s reunion in the cabin, I couldn’t help but think how much better the dreaded triangle might have been if Hope and Liam had anything near as much chemistry as Steffy and Liam. Obviously some prefer Hope’s more wholesome approach to romance, and that’s fine, but couples need to generate heat at some point or they might as well be brother and sister.

I’m telling!
Donna’s approach to discovering what Bill had done in Italy was kind of childish. Why run off to tattle? As an adult, it might have been more fitting to give Bill the opportunity to come clean with Liam and Hope himself. If he refused, then she could decide whether or not to let them know. As it was, she probably wished she’d never got involved after she looked through that cabin window!

Let sleeping dogs lie.
Well, Othello sure proved to be all bark and no bite. He had Hope right there in the office, let her leave none the wiser, and then apparently left like a dog with his tail between his legs following his confrontation with Rick. Meh.