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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of September 24 – 28:

It was an entertaining week on “B&B” with Bill and Katie’s situation being the focus. Not that we were free of a Hope and Liam rehash by any means – the apparent need to have them on every episode is nauseating. The week at a glance:

A good time to start praying.
Bill’s version of praying was kind of hysterical. I mean, we all know Bill becomes gruff and brash when feeling vulnerable, but his prayer was more like issuing a directive. In any case, Bill got the outcome he was looking for…

I missed ya’, Cowboy.
“B&B” must have a department especially for coming up with corny lines that no one would ever really say. Yeesh.

The hug.
It was awkward, but it was a hug. The one between Donna and Pam, of course. It’s always kind of heartwarming when characters who are usually at cross-purposes set their bitterness aside when something big is happening.

We’ve got her!
The drama surrounding Katie giving birth and then coding was well worth watching, including her little trip into the bright light where she saw Storm. I always liked Storm, even though they wrecked his character toward the end. Not so great was Katie still talking about Hope and Liam’s relationship in the middle of it all – flat-out stupid. In any case, it was high emotion as Katie’s life hung in the balance.