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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of September 17 – 21:

Some storylines seemed like ‘the same old, same old’ this week, but there was also some welcome drama and emotion.

Photo shoot.
More of the same from the younger set at Forrester Creations this week. Rick continued to blatantly manipulate, this time with a photo shoot, that left me wondering why Hope doesn’t hook up with Oliver again. Once again, Caroline had the most genuine response to what was happening as her emotions were all over the place while trying to cope with Thomas and Hope’s past and their current closeness. She also received another kiss from Rick – which just seemed icky, not sure why…

Deacon stunned Hope by turning up at Forrester. He all but confessed to deliberately ruining her wedding in Italy, but Hope, predictably, gave the whole conversation the fairy tale treatment and later painted it as Deacon returning to protect her. Deacon, meanwhile, got caught arguing with Dollar Bill by Katie, and took pleasure and amusement from ratting him out to his wife. Katie’s reaction was to go totally ballistic, which I found to be way over the top given that she already had overheard a conversation between Dayzee and Marcus about Bill plotting to sabotage the wedding, and basically chose not to pursue it. Essentially, she shouldn’t have been surprised much by this reveal, and so her shock and outrage seemed out of place. What did you think of Katie’s reaction? Let Soaps.com know by voting in our B&B Katie’s Meltdown poll.