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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of September 3 – 7:

It’s been awesome to see a wider variety of characters onscreen, but the storylines aren’t giving us much to root for lately. Here are some talking points on the week.

Over is over.
Not as far as Brooke’s concerned! Mama Bear continued to press for a Hope/Liam reconciliation against all odds, as she spoke to Hope about her and Liam ‘finding their way back to each other’, and later informed Ridge that ‘Hope belongs to Liam’. It’s wonderful that Brooke’s such a romantic, but someone really needs to sit her down and explain that Liam’s not ready for marriage (and neither is Hope for that matter). They may also want to gently break the news that people don’t belong to other people. Paging Dr. Stacy!

Barking Bill.
Dollar Bill was his blunt self this week as he became frustrated watching Liam moon over Hope’s press conference, and began hollering at him to snap out of it etc. It’s funny how Liam takes no notice of him now and continues on doing what he likes. I’m not sure why Steffy is choosing to spend her time watching Liam pine for Hope, but her conversations with Bill and Katie showed that she’s fine doing just that. By week’s end, Bill had another plan in the works – this time a family dinner including Katie and Steffy. Yikes, this can’t be a good idea. Bill is the Energizer Bunny of schemes and plots – and must be an eternal optimist too…