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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of August 27 – 31:

The dreaded Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle has spun so far out of control that it’s sucked in Thomas, Caroline, and Rick. Sure viewers wanted to see other characters, but preferably in their own storylines as opposed to being dumbed-down and thrust into this ongoing insanity. Just not sure what it is viewers are supposed to be rooting for in all of this! The repetitiveness has killed most of the genuine interest in the triangle, and the one promising romance that was emerging on the show – Thomas and Caroline’s – now appears on the verge of being sacrificed to feed the beast. How do you feel about Rick, Caroline, and Thomas being thrown into the triangle storyline? Vote in’s B&B Thrown In poll.

Stupid choices.
The week began and ended with Liam kicking his own ass once again, and wanting what he doesn’t have, as usual. Every conversation that he has at this point is predictable, even with Bill, which is a shame.

The dark side.
Hope’s reaction to all of this only further illustrates her immaturity. Sure she has a right to be ticked off, and dumping Liam was exactly the right thing to do, but telling him to go live on ‘the dark side’ with Steffy was melodramatic, laughable, and just dumb. Getting Thomas to insta-paint a giant heart on the side of Liam’s house with the Spencer sword through it? I can’t…

Getting real.
While Steffy was asking Liam if he was ready to start getting real, she should have considered the same question herself. This relationship chameleon she’s become – changing her tune with every new development – is a disservice to the character. She may be the best match for Liam, but if he can’t see it, it’s pointless to hang around.