Taylor gathers the troups. (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for October 27 – 31.

New and Unimproved
I really thought I would like Rick better after the accident, hoping his personality change would give him more edge or something, but alas, I like him even less. I can’t really print the words to describe what I think of him right now, so suffice it to say, he’s become a whiny brat. He is probably right in every thing that he’s said regarding his past with Ridge, but he attacked Ridge on the roof, not the other way around. He can’t really blame him for his paralysis. And wouldn’t his arguments be more effective if he weren’t being a big baby? I would prefer it if Rick acted like he forgave Ridge, but secretly he undermined everything he did. Hasn’t he ever heard of keeping your enemies close? He’s tipping his hand a little too early I think. Unfortunately, the writers at The Bold and the Beautiful don’t ask my opinion on storylines, but I think Rick’s personality change would be more interesting that way.

As for Brooke, I understand her feelings of guilt concerning Rick, but she has some gall to ask Ridge to move out. I wonder how long Ridge’s understanding demeanor will last.

How Quickly We Forget
While Eric had a point that Donna asked them to give Storm another chance when he shot Stephanie, so she should do the same with Pam, I don’t blame her for not wanting to give Pam a pass on what she did. I really can’t believe that Eric wants to let her off the hook either, considering that she almost killed him. I don’t buy Pam’s innocent act either and think that she’s faking it. Stick to your guns Donna!

After the tease that Pam was in fact faking by uttering the word, “bear”, why did they leave us hanging? I wanted to see what happened after Donna questioned Pam about using that word.

I am Woman – Hear Me Whimper
The women on this show are really pathetic. I acknowledge that soaps have always had a hard time respecting women and showcasing them as strong and independent, which often makes me wonder why I enjoy the genre so much, but they seem particularly weak lately on B&B.

First we have Taylor who after repeatedly being rejected by Ridge is doubling her efforts to “make” him see he could have a better life with her, even though he continues to prove that he is in love with Brooke. She’s not exactly setting a good example for Steffy by telling her that contrary to his actions, Ridge will be hers. Um…denial much?

Next, we have Katie who is shacking up with her sister’s and niece’s ex-husband and taking care of her sister’s son. How pathetic is she?! Katie is in dire need of her own man and her own life. If she can’t have kids of her own, maybe she could adopt a baby and then find herself a previously Logan-free man.