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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of August 20 – 24:

I never should have gotten involved in a Logan wedding!
Pam likely wasn’t the only one thinking that after the spectacle of Liam begging Hope in his underwear unfolded at the Forrester manse this week. I found it tough to watch, not just because Liam’s behavior was cringe-worthy, but because it seemed out-of-character. Whatever you think of Liam, he quite likes himself most of the time, and can almost always justify his actions. He arrived full of attitude and seemed irritated by Hope needling him, but then turned on a dime and started begging. Wrong on a few levels.

Liam the conqueror?
The Liam and Bill scenes were intense, emotional, even brilliant, but the bit with Bill calling his son ‘Liam the Conqueror’ and telling him ‘we take what we want’, was way too cheesy. What are they viking warriors? Who comes up with this stuff?

It’s not about the tattoo!
Of course it wasn’t about the tattoo – it was about Liam, once again, ruining the perfect wedding. Yeesh.

It doesn’t have to be over.
Egad, Brooke! I couldn’t believe she was still clinging to the dream at this point! At least Katie showed a shred of sanity this time around by placing the blame squarely on Liam for screwing both girls around – about time!