It’s been awhile, but we’re back with more of your wardrobe inquiries. Since it’s a soap based in the fashion world, it makes sense their clothes would make an impression and we got the answers to your questions straight from B&B’s award winning costume designer, Birgit Muller herself.

Gentiana B asked where Brooke’s blouse from August 26th was purchased.

According to Birgit, it is by Vena Cava. Unfortunately she doesn’t remember where it was purchased, but you can Google it for more information.

Gentiana also wondered where Steffy’s floral blouse from early July is from.

Birgit says it is from Zara.

Laura A wanted to know who made the black and white dress Brooke wore for a few days in early August.

According to the wardrobe designer, it is a Hale Bob design from last year.

Summer’s over now, but with the change in seasons, come even more fabulous designs. So if anything catches your eye, Contact Us with a description of the clothing, the date it was worn and who wore it and will do our best to get to the bottom of it!