B&B Breakdown October 20 – 24

Move On!
If anyone ever needed to read the book, “He’s just not that into you” it’s Taylor. I understand her still being in love with Ridge and even confessing it in hopes that he still feels the same, however, he rejected her and chose Brooke. It’s just pathetic for her to tell Rick that she will wait for Ridge in the hopes that Brooke leaves him and he needs someone to help him pick up the pieces. If she doesn’t love Rick, fine let him go, but she shouldn’t wait idly around HOPING that the man she loves will get dumped and need a rebound person. She’s better than that.

A Nice Surprise
I like how the writers made us think that Jack would be the latest problem in Ridge and Brooke’s relationship, but it turns out that was just a red herring. Instead of retreating to the old standby of Brooke being pulled back into Nick’s world and infuriating the audience, the writers found a new wrinkle to test their love, namely Rick falling off the roof of Forrester after fighting with Ridge. Of course all the flip flopping of these couples led to it, as Taylor once again found herself in love with Ridge, which led her to dump Rick, which led him to lash out at Ridge, which led him to fall off the roof, but Ridge and Brooke’s exes aren’t the direct reason for their upcoming problems. That may change, but for now I am one happy soap watcher. This storyline really has all the classic soap elements – family, revenge, love, betrayal – and it involves much of the cast, but in an unexpected way.

I’m impressed that Stephanie took the high road and told Eric the real reason why Donna wanted a divorce instead of manipulating the situation to her benefit. Kudos to her mature way of handling it, but why on Earth would Eric have wanted her back all of a sudden? These two have one complicated, bitter, toxic past. So because Eric was alone again, he was ready to take Stephanie back? How can either of them forgive each other so easily, or Eric get over Donna so quickly? And why would Stephanie want Eric back on the rebound? Can’t the women on this show stand up for themselves like Bridget finally did with Nick? I would love for Stephanie to have told him, “Thank you for wanting me, but I respect myself too much to take you back only because Donna doesn’t want you anymore.” Or something like that. And now that Eric knows the truth about Pam, will he be torn over the women in his life?