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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of July 30 – August 3:

“B&B’s” focus has been back on the triangle this week, as well as on Marcus’s accident. Check out the thoughts for this week:

Serial texter.
Marcus’s dialogue felt too much like a PSA at times this week, but what really got me was the heightened drama surrounding his case. Dayzee’s uncharacteristic damsel in distress routine was a bit much considering he was facing a maximum of six months in jail. You would think it was six years! But that was nothing compared to what went on in the courtroom, where Baker accused Marcus of being a – gasp! – serial texter! Things got even more entertaining when the D.A. and Justin went head-to-head and the judge decided that Marcus was a flight risk and remanded him to custody. Get real! This was so ridiculous that it made a bit of a farce of the storyline. It will be interesting to see what Thomas and Caroline discovered on the video footage. Will it get Marcus off completely? Probably, which is too bad, because that also compromises the integrity of the story/message about texting and driving.

Confronting Liam.
Hope put on her low, serious voice to deal with Liam this time. The foot-stomping was at a minimum as she asked him why he’s able to switch back and forth between her and Steffy like he’s changing channels. Reality check, Hope – because he can! In any case, she tore up the papers as a declaration that any wedding of hers that isn’t fairytale perfect, is nothing more than a hoax. She then announced she was going back to her mother’s house. Steffy told Brooke that Hope needs to learn to deal with the real world. If the ‘real world’ means understanding that things are rarely perfect, and that Liam isn’t great husband material, then I agree.