Whether you love or hate the character of Donna Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful, there’s no denying her portrayer, Jennifer Gareis, tackles each acting challenge she receives with great enthusiasm. From comedy to camp to drama, this actress is called on to do some pretty outrageous stuff. Will anyone soon forget her drenched in honey while tied to a chair?

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through her mind when acting out these scenes or what she’s like in real life, then you should check out Jennifer’s blog.

Ms. Gareis actually posts two blogs that she frequently updates. For the more personal side of Jennifer’s life, check out her musings on Blogger. If you’re more interested in what goes on behind the scenes at the show, like how she makes herself cry so much, then check out her thoughts at B&B.

If you’re anything like us here at Soaps.com, you enjoy learning about the person behind the character and now’s your chance to get to know Jennifer Gareis a little better!