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B&B Breakdown For October 13 – 17.

All in all it was a pretty good week as two major confessions came out that should have a pretty big impact on the future of everyone involved.

I am really loving Ridge lately. I thought his conversation with Taylor earlier in the week, when he said he wouldn’t compare his relationship with Brooke to his and Taylor’s, but that they were both special to him was very realistic. And aside from his blow up at Jack’s party, he’s been pretty Zen throughout much of his and Brooke’s drama lately. However, while I understand why Ridge would be nervous about Nick and Brooke being around each other, I think he picked the wrong time to blow up about it. Like most of you noted in the Message Boards, Nick, Brooke and Jack were just taking a photo in front of Jackie and Katie. They weren’t huddled together in a dimly lit room. I don’t think Brooke and Nick were even looking at each other. Then for him to just spill it all to Taylor as soon as she walked in the door in front of Brooke was really childish. It was a private conversation and in light of Taylor’s recent admission of love for Ridge, it was NONE of her business. But aside from that, I think Ridge is demonstrating that he loves Brooke and is doing his best to stick by her.

With what I’m seeing in the Spoilers, I wonder if the Nick/Jack thing will actually lead to a break up for Ridge and Brooke, or if it will be what’s to come in the next week or so. I won’t ruin anything, but something major happens with Rick that could definitely cause some problems for the couple. I know I’m repeating myself, but my hope is that Ridge and Brooke stay together through the tough times and neither of them go running back to their ex for the millionth time.