As we reported in our Comings & Goings section, Drew Tyler Bell is reprising his role as Thomas Forrester later this month. He is set to show up on October 30, October 31 and November 3, but just what brings his character back to town?

Even though his mother is supposed to get married soon, Taylor has been realizing she’s not exactly over Ridge, so we don’t think her wedding to Rick is going to happen. We don’t see any spoilers about Ridge and Brooke’s wedding, so a trip to the chapel doesn’t seem to be in the cards for this visit. Could there be another family emergency that lures Thomas back to the fold? You’ll have to keep an eye on the Spoilers to find out!

Drew Tyler Bell has played Thomas since 2004, mostly in a recurring capacity. His last major storyline involved marrying Gabriela so she could stay in the country. Even though there was an attraction between the two, the marriage ended in an annulment. They both separately left town, with Thomas returning every once in awhile for family functions.

Aside from his occasional trips back to B&B, Drew Tyler Bell has made appearances on the new “90210” and the ABC Family series, “The Middleman”, as well as starred in the movies, “Her Best Move” and “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.” is always happy to see long lost Forresters return to the fold and looks forward to Drew’s return.