B&B Breakdown for October 6 – 10.

It was an eventful week, so let’s get right to dissecting the action!

The biggest thing to happen, for me anyway, was Taylor blurting out that she wanted her ‘husband’ back! I guess the cat’s out of the bag now, but what will Brooke do with this information? Will she tell both Rick and Ridge that Taylor isn’t quite over her ex yet? I would think she could use this to get Rick to break up with Taylor, but that remains to be seen. I know a lot of you think Brooke is sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, but I think she is just being a protective mother. Rick and Taylor have disaster written all over them as a couple and Brooke sees this, so she is trying to save her son more heart break down the road. However, I will concede that she is delusional to not realize that Taylor is bitter towards her and didn’t stop to think of all the things Taylor had already given up to her. Is Brooke so self involved that she can’t see where Taylor would resent her? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the fall out next week.

The other big event was Donna and Eric breaking up. Even though her crying can get a tad messy, I felt really bad for her when she had to let Eric go. He was finally ready to really hear what she had to say and wanted to get back together, but alas, crazy Pam prevented that from happening. I wish every once in awhile characters could tell people what was really going on so we could avoid the drawn out process of getting to the end result, in this case, Eric and Donna getting back together. I mean, Eric was in a coma for weeks, wasn’t that long enough to keep them apart? All Donna had to do was tell Eric Pam was hiding in the shadows and the threat would be gone. It’s really time to move on to other stories, like Bridget rebuilding her life.

However, I like Pam and hope once she is caught, she will stick around, but remain slightly off center. My heart kind of broke for her when she told Donna she had nothing else in her life but to make sure Eric and Stephanie got back together and to ensure Donna stayed away from him. She needs some friends.

I really have no words for Katie’s obsession with Jack. They didn’t spend a lot of time on that story this week, which I’m kind of glad about because I don’t have much interest in it. Is anyone invested in this story? If so, please let me know your thoughts on it below.

When polled about favorite storylines last week, the majority of you indicated you were enjoying the Stephanie/Donna battle the most. That throughline was surprisingly tame this week. Aside from their argument about Pam, they didn’t interact at all and Stephanie was uncharacteristically calm and centered when Eric went off to see Donna. She even told Eric she truly believed Donna cared about him and didn’t bad mouth her when Eric told her they had broken up. Where did her Zen like attitude come from? Or is this just her new ploy to get Eric to come back to her?

Your second favorite on-going storyline is Bridget moving on from Nick, which we didn’t see any of this week. What a bummer! There is a lot of potential in that I think and I hope they explore it. Especially her and Owen, but was their meeting at the restaurant just a tease? Even if it was, we need to see Bridget find herself. I’d like to see her go out and have some fun, go on dates and try new adventures. It’s too bad she doesn’t have any girlfriends, because this would be a prime time for them to go out, have a couple of drinks and pick up some men! Come to think of it, The Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t really showcase any friendships. They could certainly take a page from General Hospital’s Diane and Alexis. Their scenes together are fantastic!

Speaking of Bridget, for the second week in a row, she wasn’t called in to consult on family medical emergencies. Two of her relatives were rushed to the hospital and Bridget was nowhere to be seen. Was she on break?

Next week should be pretty good with Brooke all up in Taylor and Rick’s business. We’ll see if Taylor will really become Brooke’s daughter-in-law or if she’ll break poor Rick’s heart. I personally hope their relationship ends next week, because Rick really needs to have a bit more fun in his life, what do you think?

– Lori Wilson