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“B&B” Breakdown
week of June 25 – 29:

Monday – Welcome To The Family.
Liam and Steffy’s ‘goodbye’ in the hotel suite, as she told him to put a smile on his face and not think about her or ‘what happened’, was heartwrenching. It was all downhill from there. Well, not totally. There was the unexpected, totally hot kiss between Deacon and Alison – way to leave us wanting more Deacon! Otherwise, the show became a sopping pile of goo, with Ridge forgetting all about Steffy to salve his dented ego and get back in Hope’s good graces, and a suddenly watered-down Bill taking heat from Steffy and doing a bizarre ‘aw shucks’ routine in which he welcomed Hope to the family. What? After the insane lengths he went to trying to prevent this union, and the diatribes he unleashed about Hope? The best case scenario here is that Bill was faking it, because his abrupt turnaround blew the integrity of that aspect of the storyline – it felt as though a wheel came off – suddenly you couldn’t really count on anything.

Tuesday – All Yours.
Aside from the comedy bits involving Steffy, this episode had little to redeem it. Even the Eric and Stephanie parts weren’t stellar. Hope and Liam’s wedding may have been a payoff for their fans, but this certainly won’t go down in the annals of soap opera history as any great shakes. The couple is essentially boring, the bride is an insipid little girl, and the groom was ready to run off with someone else five minutes before the ceremony. That alone gave the wedding and Liam’s vows a ridiculous feel – not to mention the out-of-the-blue acceptance of the groom’s father, who had been actively trying to prevent the nuptials up until that morning! Thank goodness for the beautiful Italian scenery.

Wednesday – The Marching Band Got Lost In Traffic.
Well, the good news is that Bill appeared to have his cojones back as he dealt with Deacon on the jet. I was sorry to see Deacon depart and hope he’ll be back in L.A. soon. Still in Italy, Hope was magically ‘unfrozen’ now that she was legally married. Please. Happily, we got to see some other characters, as Karen and Danielle were seen in a liplock by Katie, who seemed to think Bill would be fine with his sister being a lesbian. Karen’s not so sure, however, having been spooked by their father’s attitude. It will be interesting to see how Bill reacts.