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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 18 – 22:

Monday – I Wanted You Here. I loved the scenes between Hope and Deacon! Quite frankly, they were the best reason to watch this week. One could sense how torn Deacon was between his awe at meeting his daughter, and what he knew he had to do. Elsewhere, Bill and Ridge each felt Liam out to see if he was wavering, but he was ready to go ahead with the wedding. Steffy, however, was not, and told Hope she wouldn’t be standing up for her. Why torture herself? Today we also got our first look at Bill’s nifty suit – Dollar Bill or Pimp Daddy?

Tuesday – I Can’t Be At Your Wedding.
More poignant scenes between Deacon and Hope today – though it was a little weird that she told him she could handle selfish jerks. Huh? At the church, while Ridge mooned over whether Hope would ever call him ‘Dad’ again, everyone else started to clue in that Hope wasn’t coming. Steffy hung out on her terrace and experienced more flashbacks – yes, the same ones again – gave the episode a draggy feel. At Spencer Publications, Katie overheard Marcus worrying to Dayzee about what Bill was up to. Please. He’s known about this for how long, and left it until after they had gone to Italy to do something?

Wednesday – I’m Done!
Well, Hope watched her driver speed off, and wound up jumping in the cutest, teeniest little truck ever! I cringed a little at her getting in there with the white dress on, but no matter. They then raced to the church with Hope calling out to the driver to hurry in Italian. Gah. Reminded me of the weird paparazzi chase in Aspen, and not in a good way. Back at the church, Liam caved and headed back to the hotel. Bill called Steffy to give her a heads up. He then received a call from Katie, who had managed to get enough out of Marcus that she felt she needed to clarify the rules for her husband. Bill neatly avoided agreeing to anything. Later, Hope arrived at the church and nearly put Brooke over the edge by telling her she’d seen Deacon. Had to laugh! Meanwhile, at the hotel, Liam decided, after seeing the note, that Hope had ditched him, and went cray cray on the tablet – boy he is attached to that thing, isn’t he? Making a video wouldn’t have been my first thought… Anyway, he decided he was done!