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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 11 – 15:

Monday – Not Looking For A Parachute.
On the Forrester jet, Steffy sat wondering how the hell she managed to get herself talked into going along to the wedding, while Liam, idiotically, decided it was important to get all of the discomfort and awkwardness on video. Brooke did some eye-narrowing and whispering about why Steffy came just to help keep things real. Over on the Spencer jet, Bill continued to confide freely in Alison with regard to his sinister plan. Frankly, I’m surprised that Bill is telling her so much – especially since she doesn’t exactly seem to be seeing things his way. It could come back to bite him. At the prison, Bill and Deacon did some more macho posturing and name-calling before heading off to Italy. It’s kind of fun watching these two butt heads.

Tuesday – A Lover, Not A Killer.
Today, Bill appeared to make a threat against Deacon’s life, but then claimed he’s a lover, not a killer. Methinks Deacon should put in a call to his ex, Amber, and get the 411 on what Bill’s capable of! In Italy, Hope spent time hanging off Liam’s neck in his suite, and giggling about becoming ‘Mrs. Liam Spencer’. Sigh. In another suite, Brooke also did her fair share of giggling as Ridge inexplicably went on and on about his need to find a big, giant olive. Bizarre. Later, Steffy explained to Hope that it was just too weird for her to be there, and said she was leaving.

Wednesday – Ol’ Ball And Chain.
Steffy made every effort to leave, snidely telling Bill that Hope and Liam are getting married, and him trying to wish Hope into a breakdown isn’t going to stop it. Too funny. Not to be dissuaded, Bill talked Steffy into staying and they made tracks over to Liam’s suite where Steffy told Hope she’d stand up for her if the offer was still open. This prompted Hope to bounce, clap, and enthuse, “We’re really getting married!” Bill hung around just long enough to make a couple of cryptic comments, and Brooke and Ridge left to go olive hunting.