B&B Breakdown Week of September 29 – October 3, 2008.

Another week has gone by, which means another chance to dissect what happened on Bold and the Beautiful. So let’s get to it!

The more Stephanie reminds us that Eric is a serial cheater, the less her love for him makes sense. Not that I understand it anyway. She even told her daughter that Donna wasn’t the first indiscretion in their marriage and she won’t be the last. I know Felicia is a grown woman, but is that really something you want to admit to your daughter? Nice role model mom! And what a hypocrite Eric is! He told Donna the one thing he wouldn’t tolerate in their marriage was infidelity. Classic pot calling the kettle black!

Oh my God – Felicia and Thorne need to get a life! Don’t they have anything else to worry about other than their father’s love life? Let Eric see Donna, let Stephanie deal with Eric’s decision and then worry about your own lives, or lack thereof. It’s really becoming pathetic and just proves that no one in all of soaps is so badly in need of their own storyline, than these two.

I am really impressed with how Ridge is handling the Jack situation. You could argue he’s asserting himself a bit too much, but I truly believe he has everyone’s best interests at heart. The papers he drew up to make sure he and Nick respected each other as parents meant a lot to Brooke and showed he’s really on board to raise Jack despite the fact he hates the boy’s father. I like that he’s worried about Nick and Brooke’s relationship, but isn’t hiding it or trying to sabotage anything. He’s upfront and proactive, which is rare on a soap.

Did Nick even get a chance to mourn his relationship with Bridget before he asked Katie to move in? If he was so in love with Bridget, wouldn’t he be more upset about her leaving? He’s a guy, so of course he’d have sex with Katie right away, but he’s acting like Bridget didn’t even happen. I’m not sure I buy him having Katie take her place so soon.

It’s sad the baby died, but I don’t have much to say about it. I guess it’s paving the way for a new wrinkle in the Katie/Nick/Ridge/Brooke saga by having Katie replace her baby with Jack. My only question is, if Bridget is called to every other emergency in the hospital that involves her family, why wasn’t she called to attend to Katie? That would have made for some good drama for Bridget to be around while her aunt was losing her husband’s child.

They spent so much time on Donna battling the kids for Forrester Creations, but not one second on the Forresters getting their jobs back. I suppose Eric dressing for work was supposed to be our indication that the power had reshifted, but couldn’t they have held a meeting or something? Eric hasn’t even made it back to the office, but Thorne is back in charge? I would have liked to have seen a conversation between Eric, Donna and his kids over what transpired while he was in a coma and then have Eric dictate who would take control of the company from here on out.

I’m sure Marcus will be okay, so I don’t feel so bad saying I’m glad Pam is back. She’s a bit crazy, and not in a good way, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else she has planned for Donna.

So that’s what I took from this week. What about you? Please feel free to share your thoughts below!

– Lori Wilson