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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 4 – 8:

Monday – Thanks For The Memories.
You have to marvel at the way Brad Bell keeps the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle going. Each time it looks like one of the girls is ‘winning’, the storytelling tips slightly in favor of making the other relationship look better and more genuine. Also, thanks to Steffy ending things with Liam, we were left hanging as to what his intentions were when he called her over there. Liam so reminds me of Ridge in that he lets all of his decisions ‘come about’ or be made for him. Wishy washy! Anyway, after being closer than ever, Steffy and Liam parted ways, while across town at Forrester, the adult busybodies all gathered to speculate on which way Liam might swing come midnight. Not to be left out, Bill put in a call to Taylor and then passed time shooting sinister looks at Deacon’s photo on the laptop. So, all of these people were at their offices at midnight, waiting for the big decision to come down. Really.

Tuesday – Count On Me.
Today kicked off with Liam telling Bill he let Steffy go, er, she let him go. Needless to say, Bill wasn’t pleased. Steffy broke the news to her family over at Forrester – were they there all night? Hope asked Brooke to stand up for her, Liam told Hope that Steffy saw their video chat, and Steffy was too upset to work. Blah. Back at his office, Bill, unaccustomed to not getting his own way, decided he would break out his secret weapon – Deacon Sharpe.

Wednesday – Not The Father.
Since Bill is about to bring Deacon back, it’s only natural that Hope would suddenly develop a huge void in her life where her father is concerned, and that Deacon’s name would start coming up in every other conversation. Funny how that happens. In other news, Liam finally learned that Katie is pregnant, and asked Bill to be his best man. It’s creepy that these young people only hang around with their parents. Liam returned to his office to find Stephanie waiting, and Hope showed up at Bill’s office.