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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of May 28 – June 1:

It was a short week for “B&B” what with the Memorial Day holiday, so the breakdown begins on Tuesday at the Genoa City prison…

Tuesday – Tortured Father Routine.
I could just feel Deacon’s struggle with wanting to be released from prison, but not wanting to harm his daughter. It will be very interesting to see how things shake out. Brooke’s reaction to Deacon’s name being bandied about seemed way over the top – it may be undesirable to have him around, but that’s about it. It’s telling that she went to the extreme of visiting Stacy’s office and trying to control what she’s telling her client, Hope. Brooke might want to schedule herself in for a session or two! At Spencer, Katie shared her baby news with Karen and Danielle, who were stood up by Bill. Bill, of course, was on his jet boasting to Justin about his plan to rid Liam of Hope. Justin’s phone connected to Marcus’s phone, and he overheard the braggy bits. Uh oh.

Wednesday – Butt Dial Dilemma.
Today picked up with Marcus heading over to Spencer, where he got in Justin’s face about the conversation he overheard. Justin put a stop to the inquiries right quick, but it’s anyone’s guess what Marcus might do with the information now. Whatever it is, he’s sure taking his time about it. Meanwhile, Liam showed up at Steffy’s office to ‘talk’, which we now know means hug, kiss, and get her to whisper, “Cha cha cha” in his ear. She played her wedding bells countdown alarm for him – set to go off at midnight when the divorce would become final. They have a knack for coming up with corny stuff on this show, not to mention repetitive – we’ve heard the bong of those wedding bells about a dozen times since then; anyone remember ‘Pose’? Back over at Spencer, Bill finally had his meeting with Danielle and amused Karen to no end by complaining that Danielle hit on him throughout the interview. Oh, Bill.