Update October 10

Just a reminder that the episode Susan Flannery (Stephanie) directed of Guiding Light will air on Monday, October 13. The soap airs at different times in each time zone, so check your local listings, but make sure you tune in to see Susan’s take on Springfield!

Originally Posted September 17

When she’s not acting out scenes as Stephanie on The Bold and the Beautiful, Susan Flannery has been moonlighting as a director on Guiding Light.

As reported in TV Guide, Susan recently directed an episode of the CBS sudser, featuring fellow Daytime Emmy winner, Kim Zimmer. The episode, which will air October 13, introduces a new twist regarding Kim’s character, Reva Shayne, and her late in life pregnancy. For more on the episode, check out the Guiding Light spoilers.

A controversial issue among fans and some cast members, GL has taken on a new production style, using hand held cameras and real life locations. This departure from a more traditional style of soap opera filming is what drew Flannery to working on the soap. As Susan stated in the article, “It’s the wave of the future. I don’t think B&B can necessarily do this. We’re more of a romance novel. But, Guiding Light is a slice-of-life show, and Ellen (Wheeler, Executive Producer, GL) has taken everybody’s idea of what soaps should be and blown it out of the sky.”

A veteran soap opera actress, who has also directed several episodes of B&B, Flannery believes all soaps will have to make changes similar to GL in order to keep up with the times, or she fears they will become obsolete.

Soaps.com applauds Flannery’s interest in finding ways to keep the medium alive and looks forward to seeing her directorial debut on on Guiding Light.