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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 16 – 20:

“B&B” has been more entertaining to watch this week as the storylines have expanded to include a wider variety of characters. Here’s the breakdown:

Crazy is forever.
Bill’s blunt opinions on his wife’s niece’s sanity might be offensive if it wasn’t so funny the way he delivers the digs. It’s hysterical watching Liam huff and puff as Bill smirks, shrugs, and says things like, “Crazy is forever.” He just cannot stop himself from commenting, despite his promises to butt out after the fake brain tumor debacle. Ya’ gotta’ love Bill! Are you offended by Bill’s remarks? Let us know by voting in’s Bold Bill poll.

It’s no fun being judged.
I appreciated that teensy genuine moment when Hope was talking to Brooke about Amber. It seems as though Amber is destined to be a loser and a screw-up on “B&B,” which is a shame. The chemistry between her and Rick is off-the-charts, as evidenced by her little daydream this week, but how can viewers really invest in rooting for them when she’s always making ditzy, immature choices. I’d like to see her go legit as she was on “Y&R.” That said, convincing Caroline that Rick is a cross-dresser was definitely funny, and something only the ‘old’ Amber would think to do.

Pills and promises.
How stupid is Hope to keep taking pills that she now knows came from some internet drugstore? Not only that, but she keeps looking at laptops, which are obviously loaded with things she can’t handle seeing – it’s getting silly. One thing I know – that promise she made to Liam not to take anymore pills is going to come back and bite her in the butt.