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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 9 – 13:

Even though Hope’s struggles have made her more interesting as a character, it’s fatiguing for viewers to have all the focus relentlessly on one person, which is what seemed to happen again this week on “B&B.” Let’s take a look:

Pool party.
Any hopes viewers had of getting to know Caroline better were dashed when Hope showed up at the party, did a hoochie dance on the diving board, and then topped the day off by nearly drowning. Sure, we got to see a bit of Caroline and Rick flirting, but Rick’s pick up lines were cheesy, and we were none the wiser about what makes Caroline tick. So far, she’s been disappointingly straight-laced despite the racy exit from the limo when she first rolled into town. At least we can thank her for getting Thomas and Rick poolside this week – eye candy!

I’ve been keeping something from you!
Liam has to be the world’s biggest idiot to have been surprised by Hope’s revelation that she’s been taking drugs. If the inappropriately loud laughter and lightheadedness didn’t tip him off, you’d think the new vocabulary (chill out!) and stripper dancing would have! Too funny. In any case, predictably, it was fine for Hope to lie and keep a secret from him – just all the more reason to be supportive…