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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 2 – 6:

Well, Hope is now sharing the “B&B” spotlight with Caroline, which has brought about some welcome variety. Notably, there’s a certain amount of history repeating itself, which can be a good thing in that “B&B” has had great success in the past with its formula involving meddling matriarchs and love triangles, but the repetitiveness leaves longtime viewers seeking fresh angles and something more imaginative than just re-playing the old stories with younger characters. Let’s peek at the week:

Take as needed.
Bah! Amber being written as a brash twit who makes the same mistakes repeatedly isn’t working for many who watched her mature and mellow in Genoa City. She has more than enough experience with failed schemes to know that giving Hope pills will backfire. As for going up against Brooke, the only good thing about it so far is Amber reminding Brooke that she, better than anyone, should know where she’s coming from. It’s a real do-over of the Brooke/Stephanie scenario. Here’s hoping that means Amber will land Rick the way Brooke landed Ridge – they ‘get’ each other.

Cha cha cha…
Steffy puts the ‘bold’ in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” It’s good she decided to return and not sulk anymore. The ‘cha cha cha’ line is slightly odd, and yet conveys her confidence, which is the best side of Steffy. It’s no doubt Liam missed her – she’s fun – although medicated Hope does give her a run for her money in that department! One thing that was strange this week – Steffy acting outraged by Hope taking a pill. So weird.