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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of March 26 – 30:

Fantastic to see some variety in the storylines this week! Here are my thoughts:

And the rest is history.
Loved the anniversary celebration of Eric and Stephanie as patriarch and matriarch! Felicia being there was amazing and way too brief. The few flashbacks we saw were a real treat – wish there had been time for more. The stuff with Hope/Liam/Steffy put a bit of a damper on the mood, and I could have done without it, but all in all it was an enjoyable gathering to watch – it’s always awesome when Eric plays the piano while everyone gathers around – classic!

Telling it like it is.
I don’t think insulting Hope is going to help Bill make his case with Liam, but his blunt assessment of her as a ‘headcase’ and his reference to ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ was certainly entertaining. It’s hilarious how he just comes out with whatever is on his mind – no filter! I also enjoyed Rick telling Brooke not to micromanage his life this week – always refreshing to hear a character speak what you’re thinking out loud!

Dirty looks.
Well, Hope became a proper little witch in Dr. Stacy’s office when more drugs weren’t forthcoming! I’m not sure she’d be such a rage case after popping two or three anti-anxiety pills, but it made the scene worth watching. I can’t wait to see her in full-on addiction mode. I wonder if clueless Liam will finally figure out that his girlfriend is on something? Incidentally, it was funny how the doctor told Hope on Friday that she doesn’t prescribe pills without seeing the person first, when that’s exactly what she did in the first place!