Ahh...that pill. (Soaps.com)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of March 19 – 23:

The Hope and Liam drama was broken up this week by some Stephanie and Brooke scenes, some Marcus and Dayzee scenes, and some comic relief. Check it out:

Dr. Stacy has her work cut out for her! Hope showed up at therapy this week claiming to be blissful now that Steffy’s left town, and ‘over’ Brooke accidentally boinking Oliver at her graduation party. Considering the flashbacks, I’d say she’s got a ways to go yet. It was interesting that Hope’s father, Deacon, was brought up in the session. I’d love to see him back on “B&B,” as long as he would be allowed to stir it up like he used to, and not be limited to discussing his daughter’s love life. Anyway, I was annoyed at Hope telling her therapist that everything was on track and hunky-dory when she’s popping pills in order to handle intimacy with Liam – ‘fess up!

As long as you don’t cook.
The Brooke/Stephanie scenes were so good this week as always. Stephanie’s facial expressions as Brooke gushed all over her were hilarious, as were her droll one-liners. I would have enjoyed seeing more flashbacks though – this pair has had so many memorable scenes. Stephanie and Brooke facing off over the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle has been ideal because (so far) they are butting heads, but not at war.

A bad feeling.
Katie back-pedaling with regard to her advice to Hope was a realistic story point – it makes sense for her to question her motives in advising Hope to go ahead and be intimate with Liam, given that they easily could have been colored by her desire to get back at Steffy. What still puzzles me is that Katie never once, even in her own thoughts, seems to worry that a single Steffy might present a problem for her own marriage – now that would be a realistic concern.