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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of March 12 – 16:

Well, it’s a short week with only three episodes, but plenty of emotion. Let’s take a look at the latest happenings:

Therapy that will drive you nuts.
Did anyone else get irritated with Brooke sitting in on Hope’s counseling session and trying to second guess both Hope and the doctor? I kept waiting for the therapist to suggest that she leave. Seriously, it’s great to be a supportive mom, but Hope is supposed to be an adult and is there to discuss intimate details of her adult relationship – having Brooke there acting as though Hope is sixteen, well, it’s no wonder the girl has issues. As for Dr. Stacy already having pills on hand for Hope in the first session – made me laugh…

Don’t forget me.
Liam may have Hope in his heart, but he still shares more heat with Steffy, as evidenced by their kiss this week.

The shredder.
Bill has been doing a decent impression of a reformed man, but he’s still Bill – as manipulative and determined to get his own way as ever. I giggled when he shredded the annulment papers, especially because Steffy hardly seemed surprised.