B&B Breakdown for Week of August 25

Even though it was pretty obvious who the culprit in Eric’s poisoning was, (did anyone not recognize Pam’s voice when she was strangling Donna?), the build up to the reveal was fast paced and interesting.

I’m not sure I bought how quickly Donna believed Owen though. I mean, couldn’t he have broken into Donna’s room, trashed it and planted the drugs, or arranged for it to happen? Regardless, he didn’t do it, so her believing him worked out.

Stephanie’s visit to Owen at the police station was not what I expected and that was a good thing. I thought she’d come in yelling and screaming at him, but instead she was very controlled in her anger. She was furious, but maintained her composure while getting her very pointed threats across to the man she thought poisoned the love of her life. I thought that was a great and more effective choice, because we’ve seen enough people blowing up and screaming at each other on this show. Now, Steph has to deal with the fact that it was her sister who almost killed Eric and not Donna, who she viciously accused. Should be interesting.

Where are Felicia and Thorne? Eric is their father too, shouldn’t they be around more? Not to mention Bridget. Was she even on this week? I get that it’s a short show and there’s only so much time to have characters on screen, but come on! They gave Rick a scene at the hospital with Stephanie, couldn’t they have thrown Felicia and Thorne in there at some point too? I suppose they’ll be around to learn it was their aunt who poisoned Eric and then they will react however Ridge instructs them too. It would be nice if after this story ends, they are given their own storylines, but that may be too much to hope for.

I appreciated the fact that Lt. Baker didn’t buy Owen’s story. When it’s obvious to the audience and some of the characters, it should be obvious to the police that Owen confessing only after Donna was arrested was suspect. Although, the younger Baker bought the story hook, line and sinker, but he’s young, he’s still got a lot to learn.