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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of February 27 – March 2:

Once again, the show mainly revolved around the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle, though a few more elements were added, and the Marones got a bit of screen time. Check out some points on the week’s events:

Paws off my man!
Amber’s reaction to seeing Rick hug Steffy was hilarious – she’d fit right in on an episode of “The Jerry Springer Show!” Seriously though, I felt for Amber, who never seems to get a break, so it was a relief for Steffy to assure her she wasn’t interested in Rick. I’d actually get a kick out of seeing a friendship spark between these two – oh the trouble they could cause. However, I suspect that they will become adversaries instead, either because Rick will fall for Steffy for real, or Steffy will decide to use Rick to make Liam jealous. Vote in’s Amber and Steffy poll.

Straight talk.
It’s so entertaining how Stephanie just states whatever she thinks so bluntly. Maybe the cancer scare taught her not to waste time beating around the bush – life’s too short! Even Brooke was slightly taken aback when Stephanie declared that by speaking to Liam about Steffy she was trying to spare Hope from becoming a common homewrecker like Brooke and her sisters! Next, she bowled Liam over by admitting that she actually agrees with Bill about his marriage. Such good material!